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Sweetwater Farm Greenhouse
We Grow Gardeners!
4400 W. Crawford St.
Denison, Texas 75020
Directions:  1 mile west of Interstate 75 from exit #68 in Denison, Texas

Open For Spring 2017
Mon-Sat 10-6
Sun noon-5

Sweetwater Farm Greenhouse is a boutique retail garden center specializing in unusual and quality plants and herbs for gardeners that want to attract more butterflies, hummingbirds and honey bees to their yards.  We carry seasonal annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, potted containers and garden decor.


Are you ready to grow great tasting tomatoes?  Here's our 2017 list of tomato varieties, all started lovingly from seed by us:

(We have limited supply of some varieties, so get your plants early!)

Abe Lincoln - Heirloom from 1923. Tops the list of big red tomatoes for flavor, appearance, production and disease resistance.

Ace 55 - Heirloom that produces red, thick-walled tomato that resists cracking, bruising and bursting. Great farmer's market tomato.

Arkansas Traveler - Old fashioned heirloom traditionally grown in the South. Very tasty with fruits up to half a pound.

Better Bush - Great for gardeners that have little space. Plants have a stocky upright stem that keeps it upright, so rarely requires caging.

Black Cherry - Heirloom with beautiful black cherry tomatoes that look like clusters of large grapes.  Rich flavor.

Black Elephant - Medium to large size heirloom tomato from France. Flavor is well balanced and sweet.

Black Krim - Heirloom from Siberia. One of the most rare of the black tomatoes with incredibly rich, fruity flavor.

Black Zebra - Cherry tomato with stripes. Exceptionally rich, complex tomato flavors with a hint of smokiness.

Celebrity - Medium to large tomatoes can be used in canning, cooking or eaten raw on a sandwich.  Nice flavor.

Cherokee Purple - One of the best tasting of the heirloom tomatoes producing loads of purple colored 12oz - 1lb beefsteak tomatoes.

Chocolate Cherry - Heirloom with attractive skin colored in shades of port wine and chestnut.  Very productive plants produce 1 inch round fruit nonstop.

Christmas Grapes - Produces clusters of grape-sized fruits right up until frost. Great flavor burst!

Czech Bush - Extremely productive heirloom bush tomato. Perfect to grow in a pot on the patio. Doesn't need to be caged, but must be staked due to heavy clusters of fruit.

First Lady II - Large size for an early tomato. Yields 5oz very flavorful red tomatoes. Excellent for salads and sandwiches.

Green Zebra - An unusual and exquisite green heirloom tomato. Very tasty.  Brightens up a salad.

Homestead - Heirloom great for hot and humid regions. 8oz fruits are resistant to cracking.

Juliet - High yields of glossy clusters of cherry tomatoes that are very sweet.  Holds on the vine longer than any other cherry tomato.

Marglobe - Heirloom with large tomatoes suitable for processing. Heavy yield.

Marianna's Peace - Heirloom of 1-2 pound beefsteak fruit with good sweet/acid balance and luscious, complex flavors.

Mortgage Lifter - Heirloom that produces 1-2 pound beefsteak tomatoes with a rich, sweet flavor.  Excellent for slicing and salads.

Patio - Reaches only about 2ft in height, great for growing in a pot.  Nice sized tomatoes - larger than cherry tomatoes.  Disease resistant.

Phoenix - Heat resistant variety bears 8oz top quality tomatoes that ripen uniformly to bright red.  Vigorous plants.

Porter - Heirloom with 4oz dark pink plum shaped tomatoes. An old-time drought tolerant favorite.

Porter Improved - Heirloom larger than Porter but with same setting ability.

Roma - A beautiful, disease resistant heirloom perfect for making sauce.  Meaty with few seeds.

Rutgers - An heirloom tomato known for its fine juice and canning properties. The fruits are typically 6oz with thick walls.

San Marzano - The most famous heirloom plum tomato to come out of Italy.  A household name when it comes to making tomato sauce.

Sungold Select - One of the tastiest orange tomatoes.

Super Sioux - Heirloom that sets fruit well in high temperatures. 4oz fruit with thick walls and tart flavor.

Tumbling Tom Red and Yellow - Bushy habit great in pots and hanging baskets. Sturdy and compact plants that need only a little support.  A heavy cropper.

Yellow Pear - Heirloom tomato dating back to the 1800's.  Cherry sized tomatoes shaped like a pear.  Fruits are sweet and mild.  Produces well into late fall.

(Visit our Plants page for a list of the great HERBS
we will have available this season.)

Herb Talks for March, 2017
Every Friday 1-2pm

March 17th
Herbs You Can Grow Indoors

March 24th
Easy to Grow Medicinal Herbs

March 31st
Herbs That Attract Bees

April 7th
Herbs That Attract Hummingbirds


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